Howling Dog

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Bluesy but not too serious, Dangerous Dogs are:

  • Nigel Lawson harp, megaphone, vocals and writing
  • Frank Johnson guitar, vocals, writing and arranging
  • Andrew Chorlton bass, vocals, occasional wobbleboard!
  • Brian Rodwell percussion, djembe, washboard, kajon

We play a wide range of stuff from old country blues from the 30s, to stuff “wot we just wrote”. On the way we dabble with a little Chuck Berry, a pinch of Fats Waller, a spoonful of Willie Dixon, a jar of Jimmy Reed, and a sprinkle of the wonderful Wiyos (check ’em out!).

Dangerous Dogs 1

A live set never stays in the same genre for long. We move effortlessly from Chicago Blues to Rockabilly and from Skiffle to ’50s R&B to Rock ‘n’ Roll. In the same set you might hear ‘High Heel Sneakers’, ‘Bring Me Sunshine’, ‘Shaking All Over’, ‘I’m a King Bee’, and ‘Have a Drink On Me’. We play for fun, and people who see us get caught up in the fun too!

Get in touch! Contact Frank Johnson on Facebook, or send us a message via the get in touch page.

P.S. We are not that dangerous, we are fully house trained!

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